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💙 Designs to take your breath away 💙

    About Us

    Let me introduce myself 🥰

    I am Emily - a wife, mother, artist and a child of God. I discovered the power of breathwork in December 2020.

    I was going through a postpartum depression that lasted about 4 years 😭.

    This time I tried all kinds of therapy that did not work for me. I heard one day about the Wim Hof Method on the radio. After only 2 sessions of breathwork my depression and anxiety almost went away. I became very interested in breathwork and cold exposure since that day 💪❄.

    I can say now I am in control of my health and on my way to a happy life. For me and my family this is one of the best things that happened to us. My husband does it too.

    BreathPeaceLove is my personal project. Trough my shop I want to share my art and my love for breathwork and cold exposure 🥰  by creating useful and relevant products and designs for the community. 

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